Thursday, December 31, 2015

Creation-Evolution Headlines

I should alert the interested reader to a very useful site: Creation - Evolution Headlines. This site is run by David Coppedge, who used to work for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He combs many current scientific journals, reports almost daily on the latest scientific discoveries concerning origins, and adds his own creationist assessments.

The issues covered range from archaeology, astronomy, biology, and geology to education, politics, and philosophy. This site points out many deficiencies, internal contradictions, and other problems with the grand evolutionary story of origins.

For a good sample, check out his Best Posts of 2015. Here are a few of his most pertinent posts:

Genetic Evolution Falsified (May 22)

Tilted Planets Throw Theories Off Kilter (Nov 30)
Moon Origin Models Require Cheating (June 1)



Steve Drake said...

The recent post "New Earthrise is a Stunner" on RE:
Dec. 24th had a beautiful picture of the glorious blue earth as seen from the moon. What a marvelous work of Christ fit for our habitation!

The site's partner, 'Logos Research Institute' (found by scrolling down on the right under 'Partners') has a wonderful article under their 'Convictions' button entitled "The Importance of Genesis 1-11" written by John Baumgardner and Bill and Alice Hoesch.

I have used for years and found it to be extremely informative.

Steve Drake said...

Correction: Logos Research Associates

Steve Drake said...

Need to get this right, I apologize. Correction: Alicia Hoesch.