Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Useful Sites

Here are some sites that I find useful and check regularly. Please inform me of any dead links, or sites that should be added.

● Creation without Compromise. The editors, Dr. Ted VanRaalte, Rev. Jim Witteveen, Mr. Jon Dykstra, Dr. Wes Bredenhof) are Canadian Reformed and Free Reformed (Australia).

● Reformed Perspective. Canadian Reformed. Articles, news, and on-line magazine.

● Yinkahdinah. Blog of Dr. Wes Bredenhof. Mostly on theology and church (Australia).

● Pro Regno. Blog of Rev. Slabbert LeCornu. Afrikaans. Mostly on theology and church (South Africa).

● Een in waarheid. Concerned members and ex-members of De Gereformeerde Kerken Vrijgemaakt. Dutch. Mostly theology and church (Netherlands).

Creationist Sites
● Creation Evolution Headlines. Edited by David Coppedge. Very good, almost daily, articles and critique on current scientific news.

● Answers in Genesis - Research Journal. Good quality articles (free).

● Creation. Creation Ministries International. Has some online articles, but the best articles are in their (paid) Journal of Creation.

● Creation Biology Society. Has on-line Journal of Creation Theology and Science.

● Proslogion. Blog of Dr. Jay Wile (Ph. D. nuclear chemistry). Posts almost weekly.

● Todd's Blog. Blog of Dr Todd Wood (Ph.D. biology). Posts every 1-2 weeks mostly on biology.

● Biblical Geology. Blog of Dr. Tas Walker (Ph.D. geology). Posts every few months on geology.

● Bible Science Forum. Blog of Dr John Hartnett (Ph.D. physics). Posts almost weekly on cosmology, physics, and (more recently) covid.(Australia)

● Biblical Creation Trust. (UK) site of Paul Garner, Dr. Stephen Lloyd, and others. Has useful articles (free).

Dutch Creationist
● Logos Instituut. Daily articles.

German Creationist

Intelligent Design
● Evolution News. Run by the Discovery Institute. Daily commentary on scientific news.

● Uncommon Descent. Daily commentary and discussion by subscribers on scientific news from ID perspective.

Political and Social Issues
● Association for Reformed Political Action. Good Reformed critique of current (Canadian) political issues.

● Wintery Knight. Blog of Old earth creationist, but mostly comments on social and political issues in the US from a conservative, libertarian perspective.

● The Hump of the Camel. Blog of UK Dr Jon Harvey (MD). Theistic evolutionist along the lines of Warfield, but has very worthwhile posts on social issues, particularly in the UK.

● Lifesite News. Conservative Roman Catholic site but good critiques of current (Canadian) social issues such as abortion, gender, etc.

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