Saturday, October 30, 2021

Two Free E-Books Available

I have just updated my book The Divine Challenge: On Matter, Mind, Math, and Meaning. At the same time, I converted it into an e-book, available (free) in pdf format here. This is available also in epub format, but for some reason can't handle epub, so that you should send me an email if you want the epub file.

Its description is as follows:

This book is about the war between God and fallen man. It concerns the double challenge, between God and man, to establish who will rule. The war will be addressed at the level of competing worldviews, and their ability to explain reality and assign meaning. The battleground will range over the realms of matter, mind, and math.

The prime purpose is the apologetic one of showing the superiority of the Christian worldview over its main competitors. The main thesis is that only Christianity offers a cohesive, meaningful worldview. The challenges of modern naturalism and post-modern relativism ultimately self-destruct.

This book is addressed to the intelligent non-expert. Although the discussion will range over various issues in science, math, philosophy, and theology, no prior knowledge of these disciplines is assumed. The aim is to convey the basic thrust of the arguments in non-technical language, as simply as possible. Nevertheless, some of these issues are very subtle, requiring the reader's close attention.


I have also uploaded our revised e-book How Should Christians View Origins?  A free pdf version can be downloaded here.

Its description is as follows:

Are you related to apes? Is Adam just a myth? Is evolution a fact? Is the earth billions of years old? Has science disproven the plain reading of the Bible, particularly concerning origins? Many Christians think so.

This booklet explores the nature of science and the influence of naturalism. It examines pertinent scientific evidence and biblical texts. It shows how basic Christian doctrines are grounded in the historicity of biblical events. It defends the traditional, plain sense reading of Genesis.

Much is at stake. Pastors, Bible teachers, church leaders, and students need to embrace a Christian worldview that fully upholds God's Word as the ultimate authority. This booklet provides a solid beginning towards this goal.



Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you so much for posting "The Divine Challenge" online for free! I read this book about 10 years ago (along with your book God and Cosmos) and found it helpful.

Sam T said...

Dear Dr. Byl,
I'd love to read these two books. Would you have them in ePub format? Thank you.

Slabbert said...

John, baie baie dankie hiervoor, en dat jy dit gratis aanbied. Se├źn toegebid in ons Here, die Skepper en Verlosser van hemel en aarde.

Jou broer in Christus

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much and God bless you! :)


Thank you for making these resources available freely, Dr. Byl.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr Byl. I would be glad to receive these books as epubs. Jeff [ poustman at gmail dot com] Thank you for making them available.