Wednesday, October 21, 2009

An excellent resource: Coming to Grip with Genesis

I recently bought an excellent book:
Coming to Grip with Genesis: Biblical authority and the age of the earth” (Master Books: Green Forrest, AR, 2008, 485 pages), edited by Terry Mortenson & Thane Urey.

This book has 14 chapters, each dealing with some aspect of Gen.1-11. The last two chapters address the origin of natural evil. It is well researched, with many footnotes. Let me quote from its cover:

Fourteen theological scholars address key topics related to the age of the earth, which is the crucial issue of debate in the church today regarding origins. Bringing to bear rigorous biblical, theological and historical arguments in favor of a six-day creation, the global Flood, and a young earth, they also provide much-needed critiques of a number of contemporary old earth interpretations of the book of Genesis.”

Refreshingly, this book takes a fully authoritative Bible as its starting point, rejecting the compromise with secular science that spoils most other books on this topic. For those who are perplexed by current debates about Genesis, this book is an invaluable resource on what the Bible really says about origins.

Highly recommended---only $13.20 at

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Fort Langley Cyclery said...

Yes, this looks interesting. You can actually read the first chapter online at:

It certainly makes some solid arguments against the rather extreme positions of scientists like Hugh Ross, although Mook's chapter is not exhaustive in its historical analysis. There is definitely more to be said as to how various Church Fathers understood the purpose and function of the creation accounts.

Jonathan Vanpopta